Fundación Íconos is an organization based in Cordoba, Argentina that provides valuable assistance to at-risk communities by cultivating self-sufficiency through sustainable change.
Project: developing marketing materials and social media ads for the organization
Role: photography, art direction & co-copywriting
This campaign highlights DePaul University’s academic and student experience in a more authentic storytelling presentation. In this way, it applies more of an artistic perspective of what students, faculty, and alumni are accomplishing by going to the university in more visually exciting contexts. Compared to boring traditional college advertising campaigns with students and faculty smiling at the camera, in this way it demonstrates what DePaul University actually does in action, in the moment. The first template would structured around highlighting a moment or experience dedicated to each college or significant buildings at DePaul. In addition, introducing a template to use to highlight alumni success stories working and contributing to different aspects around the city of Chicago.
Project: redeveloping the concept and creative execution of DePaul University's Here We Do campaign, especially for online banner and OOH advertisements
Role: art direction, copy, would require me as a photographer to reshoot the moments that portray the slogan "Here We Do" in a more suitable way
Concept Template
for The Theatre School at DePaul University:
Concept Template 
reinvented from 
DePaul Alumni Success Story 
OLV campaigns: 
Blank Concept Template
for each college at DePaul University:
The idea behind this campaign involves Zoom Video Communications introducing a party feature integrated into their application. The feature would be rolled out under a campaign called Zoom + Party where they implement party simulating features while already having the ability to bring people together across the globe for many different celebratory occasions like birthday parties, graduations, announcements, etc. Since COVID-19 forced many to stay home many nightlife experiences have gone online, for example transforming to places like "Club Quarantine" on Zoom and Instagram lives, so this feature would enhance and popularize the experience even more. My idea would allow a host or DJ of the party to have access to a system integrated music feature like Spotify, backgrounds and AR facial filters. In addition, the ability to have an online karaoke experience for people to choose as a party game feature. 
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